Venue Guide: Estadio Das Dunas, Natal

World Cup 2014: Estadio Das Dunas Stadium

Estadio Das Dunas, Natal

Stadium name: Arena das Dunas
Location: Natal, Brazil
Capacity: 42,086
Opened: 26 January 2014
Home To: America FC
Cost: 400 million real

Estadio Das Dunas located in the city of Natal in the capital of Rio Grande do Norte Brazilian state. The stadium is due to be built by demolishing two stadiums – Machadao and the Machadinho gymnasium. It is designed to imitate sand dunes and the most notable that its upper tier and roof are like the shape of petals.The new and refurbished stadium’s structure includes world-class hotels, a shopping center and and an artificial lake. During the 2014 FIFA World Cup, four group matches will be played.

2014 World Cup Fixtures – Estadio Das Dunas, Natal

Match Date / Time Stage Results
2 13 June / 13:00 Group A Mexico vs Cameroon
14 16 June / 19:00 Group G Ghana vs USA
22 19 June / 19:00 Group C Japan vs Greece
39 24 June / 13:00 Group D Italy vs Uruguay

Host City: Natal, Brazil

The capital and largest city of Rio Grande do Norte is proudly known as Cidade do Sol (Sun City) because its tropical climate provides an annual average of 28º C. Surrounded by Dune State Park, the city is famous for its natural beauty of Ponta Negra, Pipa and Genipabu beaches, the crystalline waters of Maracajau and the largest cashew tree in the world. 10 km long avenue along the shore called Via Costeira (Coastal Highway) is one of the best tourist attractions here as well as historical monuments and buildings such as the Forte dos Reis Magos, the Alberto Maranhao Theatre and Newton Navarro bridge. According to NASA, the city is home to the cleanest air on the continent.