Venue Guide: Estadio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre

World Cup 2014: Estadio Beira-Rio Stadium

Estadio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre

Stadium name: Estadio Jose Pinheiro Borda
Location: Porto Alegre, Brazil
Capacity: 48,849
Opened: 1969 – Renovated 2013
Home To: Sport Club Internacional
Cost: 290-330 million reals ($130-$142m) on renovations

Estadio Beira-Rio is located in Porto Alegre in the southern part of Brazil and it is home to Sport Club International.The official name of the largest football ground in South Brazil is the Estadio Jose Pinheiro Borda but it is known as “Gigante do Beira-Rio” (The Giant of Beira-Rio). Redesigned stadium earned a new low tier of seating being moved closer to the pitch and covered by a unique domed roof made of 65 individual leaf-shaped segments. This stadium will host four group matches and a round of 16 match matches in FIFA 2014.

2014 World Cup Fixtures – Estadio Beira-Rio, Porto Alegre

Match Date / Time Stage Results
10 15 June / 16:00 Group E France vs Honduras
20 18 June / 13:00 Group B Australia vs Netherlands
32 22 June / 16:00 Group H South Korea vs Algeria
43 25 June / 13:00 Group F Nigeria vs Argentina
54 30 June / 17:00 Roud of 16 1G 2H

Host City: Porto Alegre, Brazil

Porto Alegre lies on the junction of five rivers and is the state capital of Rio Grande do Sul. The rivers form the famous Lago de Patos (Ducks Lagoon), which is surrounded by one million trees that making it one of the greenest cities in Brazil. It is an important cultural, political and economic center, becoming home to immigrants from all over the world. Porto Alegre hosted such significant national events like Latin American Handicraft Fair, Bookfair, Ash Wednesday Carnival, Farroupilha Week of music and dance and the Expointer. According the United Nations Organization (UN),
the city is one of the best Brazilian metropolises in terms of quality of life.