Chelsea 1 – 3 Liverpool

Chelsea 1 – 3 Liverpool

Chelsea 1 - 3 Liverpool
Chelsea vs Liverpool Highlights
Competition: Premier League
Match date: 31 October 2015
Goals: Chelsea – Ramires 4;
Liverpool – Philippe Coutinho 46, Philippe Coutinho 74, Christian Benteke 83;
Venue: Stamford Bridge, London

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  • TimVX


  • FredKing

    I wanna see the highlights not just the goal u dumbfucks

  • Dabhand

    So, where are the Costa ‘stamps’? What about the yellow cards? Highlights does not just mean goals and goal chances. All the press talk focuses on the Costa episodes. Yet, these do not feature here. Poor show!!

  • afdalkan like shti..ransis..this people berry motherfucker..reff are u blinds

  • stefanthecool

    costa will never play for 3 games after steping oh cans foot

  • Jonas Darin

    stop talking about hendereson being a new gerrard. hendersson should play himself and let the gerrard fans wait. cuz liverpool dont need a new gerrard. liverpool needs honest footbal players being themselves. simply…